Bill Of Assurances

To protect your dream home investment and preserve the natural majesty of Cascadia's beautiful wilderness, these permanent and reasonable restrictions on the future use and development of the land are hereby established.
This Bill of Assurances will be recorded as a part of every deed granted by Cascadia Development Corporation.

Article One - Enforcement and Variances

In order to enforce this bill of assurances and permit reasonable variances, a Council will be established made up of every recorded property owner within Cascadia. Every such property owner shall be entitled to membership in the Council with a full voice and vote on all Council matters. The Council shall have power to review and approve any plan or design for construction, fencing, landscaping or other development within Cascadia and to grant variances. No construction or development of any kind may proceed without prior written approval of the Council. All by-laws, variances and other business matters of the Council shall be determined by majority vote of all the Council Members. Council Members are entitled to one vote per lot owned.

Article Two- Preserving a Quiet, Beautiful, Residential Retreat
  • No hunting or trapping wildlife.
  • No discharging firearms or explosives.
  • No clear cutting trees or forest.
  • No digging quarries and mines or drilling for gas and oil.
  • No commercial, mechanical or agricultural ventures. (Private gardens are allowed.)
  • No dog kennels or raising animals for commercial purposes.
  • No raising, training or keeping vicious attack dogs.
  • No accumulating automobiles, parts or clutter. Absolutely no junk yards!
  • No dumping or creating garbage piles.
  • No operating loud machinery or creating excessive noise on a regular basis.
Article Three - Construction, Building and Development Restrictions
  • All homes and outbuildings shall be constructed on site using natural, quality materials.
  • Every home shall contain a minimum of 1500 square feet of floor space.
  • No mobile homes, trailers or prefabricated housing of any kind.
  • No metal, plastic or aluminum siding may be used.
  • No metal barns or metal outbuildings.
  • No barbed wire or electric fences.
  • No subdivision of lots